About me

So as you've found your way to info on me so I might as well give a bit more than what you can find on my blog. 
I'm Rachel, I'm 21 and currently a graduate of English from the University of Ulster and am currently living in Belfast. This blog is a sort of project for over the summer months that not only will look good on my CV but fills my time off because I have a whole summer before I move to Leeds and can find a way to start my career.
Anyway, rather than binge out of Netflix for twelve hours at least this gives me a way of using my English degree because I do like writing!
I have a slight obsession with fashion, ASOS, polka dots, adventure time and studio ghibli all of which find home in my slight splurges on eBay. However, what this blog allows me to do is to share every single thing I learnt or mistake I made from my time in uni and my life as a graduate splashed with my various obsessions and hopefully its a bit of fun.

Name: Rachel Harriet Derrick
Age: 21
Skin Type: Dry
Natural Hair Colour: Dark brown
Style Influences: Vintage and the 90s
Likes: Renaissance Literature, Soap and Glory, Totoro, fedoras and lumpy space princess
Dislikes: Bananas, high heels, birds, lemons

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