Friday, 14 August 2015

Skin Drink By Lush

I find Lush expensive. I know some people would lynch me for that comment but its how I find it and when I'm on a budget my skincare takes a back seat which means Lush gets a miss. However, I know their skincare is incredible however at £12 a pop their skin drink though good I would give a miss. For many it is a holy grail product and my sister swears by it so I thought I would have a go. Full of nourishing ingredients including avocado, sesame oil and rose petal its a concoction that I unfortunately don't like the smell off. It isn't the first of course, Celestial's odour also turned me but for some reason Skin Drink didn't reason the standards of Celestial. I think what its downside was was its heaviness. I was warned by the shop assistant that it was heavier that Celestial but at the time I thought I needed it. However, I didn't and it just felt like it sat on my face. I understand that it would be amazing to someone with really dry skin and eczema but for me it was too heavy. Perhaps it was partly me fault for buying something so heavy duty but oh well. It was good on my elbows however which was its saving grace. My elbows always look like I've fallen and this really nourished them and made them look like other people's elbows. However, would I repurchase for just my elbows? No. I think I'll stick to Celestial.

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