Sunday, 16 August 2015

Mid Monthly Wishlist

Its the middle of the month which means I'm broke and too busy lusting over the things I want online. Its awful but I can't afford to buy stuff because I have to save. It'll be worth it when i move of course so I'll rant about it on my blog because I obviously have a terrible life! All joking aside here's a couple things I'm for and probably won't buy until next payday. But i shall lust nevertheless!

First up is this beauty of a necklace. Oh god how I want this. I have so many outfits that would literally revolve around this necklace. unfortunately I don't have £32 to give shopdixi but I would be happy to sell a kidney for this necklace. Maybe not that far but you know what I mean. I know a lot of places do things similar to this now, I think I saw Primark doing it so it might have to be my substitute for the real thing but the sterling silver attracts me. I don't want my neck to go green or for the colour to literally disappear from the necklace and for that I'd be willing to spend a bit for money. 

I need a new palette. I'm currently using a Soap and Glory one but it just isn't doing anything for anymore and I know if I want a new one I want one that'll last, hence the lusting after the naked palette. I've loved urban Decay since I was 14 (I went through wearing one of their green eyeshadows my cousin gave me) and their colours have always been so pigmented that it really is the only choice. I have other options, something from L'Oreal will suffice for now. But the naked palette is my next big make-up purchase and I can't wait.

I had a denim skirt just like this from Topshop a few years ago and lost it somewhere and I'm gutted. Its so nice to see these types of skirts coming back and I really need a new one with decent denim coming into Autumn because it gets really damn cold and most of my skirts aren't warm enough for the job. Plus it literally matches everything in my wardrobe and I've a striped tee screaming for it.

I work with people with dementia and it can be heartbreaking to see and Elizabeth is Missing tells the story of Maud's forgetfulness, her obsession with canned peaches and the unfortunate disappearance of her friend Elizabeth. It gives the points of views of the worn out care worker, the heartbreak and tiredness of the daughter and Maud's own world. I haven't read it but as someone who deals with this everyday I can't wait to get my hands on it.

These boots are everything. I'd feel like David Bowie in them and I'm 110% ok with that fact. Plus they're from ASOS and that place is my second home.

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