Sunday, 9 August 2015

Holy Grail Beauty Products

I've only really recently got heavily into make-up but some things have stuck by me for years and will for the rest of time. I have certain products that will never leave my beauty routine. Some are very old and some are relatively new but all are amazing

Garnier's Micellar Water
Not much to say about this one because I did a full review of it but its amazing, I love it and its my go to product to taking off my make-up.

Original Source
I've been using this shower gel for years and I can't get enough. The scent is incredible and it lathers up really well. Plus its always on a bargain in either Boots or Tesco so I can't say no.

Rimmel Match Perfection
I really don't need to wear foundation and most day I don't because I'm lazy but when I do this is my go to foundation. I love it and have repurchased and repurchased over the years. It is dewy, silky and has a medium coverage which means I wear it all year round. It literally covers all of my imperfections from my redness to any spots that are starting to creep up. Add a bit of powder and on my skin it lasts all day without feeling greasy. A bonus.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
When I first heard of dry shampoo I thought it meant I no longer had to wash my hair in the shower and thought it was a godsend. I was 10 and a little bit dumb. However, over the years Batiste has been my go to product for when my hair is a bit greasy. Its lightweight, doesn't have that white residue when shaken well and volumises my limp hair to no end and I've bought so many cans over the years that I can't count. And the cherry flavour smells divine.

Sugarbomb by Benefit.
This was one of my first make-up purchases. It makes me cringe saying that because I was like 15 and what the hell was I doing with that amount of money and more so spending it so frivolously. However, I'm glad in spite of it all because this blush is just beautiful. It sits me really well, jst adds enough pinkness and when all four of the colours are swirled it creates the perfect shade. It has lasted me years so it is worth the money and because I'm not very picky when changing up my make-up routine this is a staple of every make-up look and I love it. 

Supercat Eyeliner
Everybody raves about this product and its understandable. It's highly pigmented, is a felt tip eyeliner so the application is smooth and most importantly easy. I use it every single day and will only change it up with the Balm's Schwing when I want it to stay all night. It does smudge on my right eye but thats because that eyes quite sensitive in summer so its really not a reflection on the product. All in all I always repurchase.

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