Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Another ASOS Buy- Bugger Off

Jeans: ASOS
Bag: Thirfted

When I got paid I knew this bugger off tee had to be purchased. I love the contrast between the red and the stripe and god do I love me some stripes. As a plus the slogan depicts my general apathy of life and I even got to use it when some weirdo chased us down the street advertising burgers. Not cool. 

These photos were taken on a stroll through Belfast and me and my sister found this graffiti by Aether and Echo. Also I found out where Aether and Echo was though pity it was a month before I leave. To be fair it used to be a really dodgy bar the last time I was there so yeah. 

Anyway, this shirt is so versatile that it goes with the majority of my wardrobe. Paired with my trusty denim mom jeans and 'Pebbles hair' a la Pebbles from The Flintstones I felt quite 90s walking around the city and it just reminded me how much I'll miss this place. In spite of all the twats, the political scumbags and how generally backwards Northern Ireland is, I will miss it because there's still areas that are gorgeous, progressive and depict what the city is. Maybe this is coming out of place because I missed Pride (working a 12 hour shift) but being around Cathedral quarter just makes me happy and shows how amazing Belfast can be in spite of the bellends.

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